26th January 2022: India Celebrated 73rd Republic Day

The British Raj and India

It is in the heart of every single Indian to love our country. In fact, people are very patriotic in this country which gets even more multiplied on our national holidays and on the days, we remember the scarifies of thousands of our own people who died for the sake of our freedom and for the sake of India. The British Raj was one of the darkest times in the known history of India where billions of worth of our gold, antiques and jewelries were stolen. Not only that, but we were denied basic human rights and were barely even considered humans. The times were not only tough but beyond infuriating and unjust. 

Hence, the freedom fighters are so loved in our country. Not only because of that though, people also have massive respect for these brave souls because it was not even close to being easy when it came to standing up against a British at that time, let alone fight against them. We faced massive massacres and aristocracies like in the case of Jallianwala Bagh. It was gut wrenching to see how evil humans can be to each other. 

Importance of Republic Day

Our brave hearts fought against such monstrous mindsets and finally made our country a free Democratic country on 15th August 1947 for which Independence Day is celebrated and although it is an extremely important day in the History of India but its still a bit saddening that not everyone knows why is Republic Day celebrated. So, the issue at that time (1947 India) was, people now did not have a government since the Britishers left and the constitution was still not implemented across the country. It was not until 26th January 1950 that the country India finally had its own democratic constitution implemented and adopted resulting to being truly free from the British Raj without the toxic and unjustly laws, they had made.

Before this, it was like living in the shadow of Britishers even after they had left India. And this is the exact reason why Republic Day is given more importance officially than Independence Day. Let us celebrate by sending patriotic messages to our loved ones in Hindi by using Hindi Keyboard!

Annual events on Republic Day

  • There is flag hoisting conducted on the Red-fort, followed by national anthem which is telecasted live on many news channels. 
  • Indian defense forces also show their skills, power and creativity through the famous Delhi Republic day Parade! 
  • It is so fun to watch that the whole Rajpath is filled with audience which also includes the Prime Minister of India. 
  • There are march pasts by different battalions of Indian Army, Indian Navy, Air force and Special forces and many more respectful troops that serve our nation in different ways. 
  • There are cultural dances and “Jhankis” that represent different states of India.
  • The Indian Airforce piolets display their flying skills.
  • India boldly shows off their best weapons and war vehicles and much much more!

This Parade is worth the wait of 365 days!

  • People hoist flags in their neighborhoods, societies, schools and colleges etc. sweets are served and patriotic songs are played and sung by the entire nation. Everyone gathers to sing our national anthem too and people give speeches, do patriotic dances, remember the sacrifices and learning from the freedom fighters and even sometimes perform plays on them. People appreciate wearing white on this day which symbolizes patriotism and respect. 
  • People even pledge in favor of the India, like the cleanliness oath.
  • People buy flags and put them on their cycles, houses, cars, bikes etc. or wear badges of the flag and proudly show it off too! Let us show off our patriotic sticker packs too by sending them these awesome stickers.

India needs us

All of us, especially the youth of India is heavily dependent on our motherland for various things. It had provided us with many opportunities and learning options throughout our lives. One must remember this even if they had a rough life. At the end of the day, we are all Indians and we should be proud of it.

Many Indians nowadays are ashamed of being called India, hate on brown skin, bad mouth India on every single opportunity possible and much worse. Some people go as far as to deny even being associated with India and it’s heartbreaking. 

We the Indians and our India had been the top of the world for more than thousands of years and were still considered to be a peaceful, loving and accepting nation. That alone is a reason to be proud of! This proves that even if we become the best ones of the world, we should not be racist or intolerant. Sadly, this is not true for today’s scenario.

India has one of the greatest populations of Indian haters itself! Like they are basically Indians that hate India, which is not nice according to me. Yes, there may be many issues, in fact there are many issues in our country but bad mouthing it and running away from your own identity is not the solution. India had seen for example, a massive increase in acceptance of dark skin tones as beautiful, especially in the younger generations where people have openly talked and opposed the colorism. People are also calling out mean people for being discriminatory towards the northeast citizens, the number of educated people is increasing and people are succeeding great heights all across the globe! All these achievements are a proof that India can and will become great again and gain glory! Till then, let us not be ungrateful, ignorant or hateful towards our own country and citizens and try to make India a better place each day by striving hard and standing strong against wrong and with the right! Be safe, be sound, make sure to never lose yourself for validation from others, let alone from the western world!

There is nothing wrong with following western trends but never be ashamed to be traditional either and appreciate and accept people who choose to be traditional. After all, respect should be for everyone and not just people who fit in the category of some people influenced by media and social media. Help people educate and keep educating yourself! Spread love and not hate and be happy! Jai Hind! 

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