What are some mind-blowing 😍 facts about the Hindi language?

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Facts about the Hindi language

Hindi is one of the easiest and commonly used languages, not just in India but globally.

People connect and relate with each other more easily through Hindi. With the advancement of technology and time, Hindi has not just remained restricted to a speech by the locals. But now, the digital and global footprint of the Hindi language has expanded exponentially. 

To understand and uncover some of the most mind-blowing facts about the Hindi language, stay tuned and read the article till the end.

  • 2nd largest language in the world

Hindi is by far the second-largest language in the world. People across the world speak, write and communicate in the Hindi language.

Most of us were under the wrong impression that English and German are the most popular languages one must know to be relevant in current times.

But as per the global survey, Hindi is the most commonly used language. Therefore, it is more relevant to learn and understand the Hindi language rather than trying to compete in the rat race of learning English or German as the most essential language.

  • Available in multiple dialects

Many people speak Hindi, but everyone has a different dialect, tone and pronunciation which makes it sound different. 

However, that’s the beauty of this language. No matter whatever dialect to speak in, 90% of the time people can understand and respond to your communication. 

So, when we experience these scenarios in just one single country India, imagine the number of dialects and versions in which the Hindi language is used as a means of communication. 

  • Derived from the Sanskrit language

Hindi has its origin in the mythological period of gods and goddesses. Derived from the mother of all languages, Sanskrit, Hindi is appreciated for its simplicity with which it conveys the message. 

Unlike English or any other language for that matter, comes with a lot of complications that are not easy to understand by all.

Be it silent alphabets, different pronunciation, multiple meanings of the same word, and many others. When a single language comes with so many complex functions, it becomes less convenient for the public, in general, to absorb and retain the same in the long run.

  • Evolved with generations

With time, everything evolves. Be it technology, habits, nature or even human beings. 

When everything is so dynamic, how can one expect a language to remain constant. Hence, the Hindi language has also evolved.

Initially from Sanskrit to Hindi, then typical Hindi to slangs, mixing Hindi with English while speaking and writing and now typing Hindi in English alphabets.

Overall the journey of the Hindi language has been driven by the needs and aspirations of the current speakers. 

And the use of the Hindi typing keyboard has made the journey of the Hindi language so relatable for many people.

Be it the Hindi transliteration feature, autocorrect option or AI-based predictions that have added great value and convince in the way, people use the Hindi language today in the digital world. 

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