The Biggest Contribution Of Hindi Keyboard To Keep Us Connected Among Pandemic.

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Hindi Keyboard Connected Pandemic

During the pandemic in 2020 when everyone was stuck inside their homes, living boring days with less work. It was our phones that kept us entertained and engaged with our friends. It kept us connected with our close relations, friends, family. With the connections with close ones, everything was being processed online. From online classes to literally everything. All of the things came under the control of our tips of thumbs and operating everything. Well, you know what played a huge role in making all these things possible? You may have not realized this yet but yes, it was our keyboards that played a vital role in enhancing our work lives to student lives to social media life.

Hindi typing Keyboard app has made the biggest contribution to keep us connected, updated, sorted during the time of the pandemic.

Let’s dive into the beautiful contributions made by Hindi Keyboard during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

  1. BigMojis- With the changes in technologies, the emojis are also being enhanced in such a way that the expression of emotions goes better and bigger. Taking this quite literally, Bobble introduced BigMoji which was nothing but the normal emojis we used to send earlier in an enlarged form. The users of Hindi Keyboard loved the ideas so much that they normalized sending BigMojis instead of normal small emojis.
  2. Sending the latest movie dialogues- Another very entertaining and exciting way of having conversations is sending your favorite movie dialogues and memes related to the latest trends contributed a lot in entertaining the people of every generation during a pandemic. It was the movies and social media that kept them alive and the Hindi keyboard made a useful contribution by adding fun-filled features.
  3. Personalization- Various personalizing features were introduced by Hindi Keyboard that let people personalize their themes of the keyboard, fonts for writing and so many other things. Like we have already discussed how everything went online students had to submit their assignments and reports online. Changing fonts made it very easy for them to write their assignments in different professional fonts and it helped in making their work impressive.
  4. Private policies- With changes in student life the work-life also saw a huge impact on their environment when pandemic occurred. Everything went work from home and thus, people started sharing confidential information with each other through chat and chats are not possible without typing them on the keyboard. Hindi keyboard ensured their users that all their information, credentials, log-in details are not being saved by them.
  5. Fast typing- Students had to give exams online and other activities such as professional interviews, and online examinations got replaced with offline ones. It was the fast typing features that helped us a lot in typing are messages or letters or answers in an accurate way effectively and efficiently. All our answers where we can type fastly and quickly with almost zero mistakes.

These were some of the contributions made by the Hindi Keyboard during the pandemic. There were fun contributions as well as serious contributions that made it possible for its users to manage their time with many apps in which Keyboard played a vital role. 

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