New year resolutions for 2022

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Happy new year! This sentence/ phrase has such emotions to it that no one can truly describe. We all feel nostalgic, sad, happy, excited and nervous at the same time listening to this. New year brings us new opportunities, challenges, relationships while also ending lots of them. An year is a huge lot of time and many things happen in these 365 days of earth’s orbit around the sun. Some years are good, some bad and some average with mixed feelings. Some are extremely tough and some are hard to forget, either painfully or joyfully and sometimes, even both.

Self-love and happiness

Being confident and giving yourself self-love through skin care routines, spa treatments, looking at the sea or walking in sand etc is what life wants you to do. No matter how busy you are, make time to enjoy your life.  Being happy not only makes life easier, but also better. Being happy comes from within and hence we all can choose to have an optimistic attitude towards life. Afterall, there are many people who are self-made millionaires who are still not happy or satisfied, while many people are happy and grateful besides not having anything. 

So, show love to yourself and look how the world will show you love too. People will get positive vibes from you which attracts them to you because you give out happy aura that makes them happy and you in turn get friends who truly love you. Start with wishing people happy new year in Hindi keyboard to make them feel warmer and closer to heart.

Focus and consistency 

People underestimate the power of consistency so much! Being consistent and hard work will get you to your goals and that is a fact. So, this new year let us take resolution to take at least one step each day towards our goals. It doesn’t matter how small the step is! All that matters is that you did “ something “ today. Your day is not wasted at least. 

If you want to lose weight then start dieting from today itself! Even if it is just one meal of salad but hey at least you started the chain of a consistent diet. Similarly, if you think of developing a skill or starting something new then take out a pen and paper and start writing your plans down step by step. This will help you understand where to begin with and how to move forward. Make sure you contribute something towards your goal each day and see the magical power of consistency! You will be shocked at how far you have reached in just a year! 


Most important thing towards success, may it be social success, economic success or health success; is your growth. Growth can be interpreted in different ways like economic, intellect or social but one thing that is common in all kinds of growths is your growth as a person. 

Being self-aware is difficult but never impossible and it is never too late to improve. You should understand the difference between constructive and destructive criticism and take notes of the former while ignoring the latter. This will help you improve for the better. None of us are born perfect, so it’s okay if we have some faults and there is nothing wrong in realising and changing that! Try it and see how wonderfully it will affect your relationships! 

For example, if you are short tempered then try meditating for just 20 minutes each day for just 2 months and see how much it will help you control your emotions. You will feel better and also understand everything deeply. In fact, meditation is something that will help you no matter who you are and what you do!

Keep taking inputs and becoming better. Do not stop because life is all about becoming a better version of yourself. You are the only one competing against yourself, remember that!

Relations and relationships

Do you miss that long lost friend who used to be close to your heart but life drifted you apart? Maybe it is high time to find him/her back! Internet has made the world a shorter place and most probably you can get in contact with anyone. Try calling them and asking them if they missed you too. Remember all the good times you used to spend together. 

Maybe forgive someone and have a fresh start. Call the person you think of often but not contact because of some grudges. Life is too short to regret Afterall. 

Lastly, stop over analysing or remembering the one mistake some made which hurt you. Think of it like this, “is this mistake so bad that I no longer feel like having this relationship (any kind of relationship including friendship, relatives etc) anymore?” if the answer is yes then move on and do not look behind as there is nothing left! And if the answer is no, then stop bringing it up each time and making yourself and the other person feel the pain each time you mention it again. 

Start with a happy new year sticker in Marathi or any other language that you speak and make the coldness go away with the warmth of love.

This year let’s do this!

If this year was not good for you then hope for the coming one to bring more power, opportunities and luck for you and try to move on with your life forgetting about the bad things and maybe forgiving people for their wrong doings even if you do not talk anymore. Forgiving is for your own sake. Seek happiness and try to be happy from inside. Figure out small things that makes brings happiness. Try cooking, play cards, board games and go trekking with your family and friends regardless of your age! Try to bring joy to your life by being around your favourite people and forget about impressing or pleasing everyone. Take pleasure in your own company with nature. Take long walks in the morning in the garden or woods etc. read books, sing your heart out irrespective of if you can sing or not! Dance till you get tired no matter how or if you can dance! Say thank you to your loved ones who were there for you and tell them how much you love them. Go out with your friends and confess your love to the one you have been liking for so long. If you already have a partner then give them small gestures of your love. Be yourself and be free. Be who you are inside out and do not be afraid of showing your true self! 

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