Ways to learn Hindi Alphabets

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Ways to learn Hindi Alphabets

Ways to learn Hindi Alphabets

Hindi is the mother tongue for many of the south Indians that belong to India. It is a very beautiful regional language of India filled with the essence of traditions, values and cultures that India belongs to.

Therefore, it is important that every Indian is aware of their mother tongue and use it as frequently, as we use English or any other language in our day to day life.

So, to learn the Hindi language quickly and easily in today’s era of digitization, one should follow these five steps as mentioned below.

  • Listen

The more you listen, the more you learn.

This very saying knowingly or unknowingly feeds your subconscious mind with a lot of information that you remember for a long duration.

So why not make the best use of this feature of our brain, where we can listen to popular Hindi music, listen to Hindi content on social media and involve ourselves in all those activities that give you enough exposure to listening to a lot of Hindi voices in your head.

  • Speak

The more you speak, the more you develop confidence and improvise on your language skills.

So start repeating words and sentences in Malayali as soon as you listen to them. This exercise will help you clarify your pronunciation and develop the right tone required to speak a particular language. 

This will also develop confidence within you and you will be able to put yourself better than you would have imagined in the Hindi language. 

  • See

What you see is what you learn, this very saying in the context of parenting holds true even when it comes to learning a new language.

So surround yourself with Hindi notebooks, newspaper, films and other forms of visual content. This will help you understand the Hindi alphabets better and will be of great help when you start writing in Hindi. 

Expose yourself to as much Hindi content as possible and start learning the word-formation and reading of Hindi text as possible. 

  • Read

As rightly said, the essence of every culture lies in its mother tongue. So, make the best out of this opportunity to know and, explore the treasures of Hindi just as you know about your language and cultures.

This is the easiest to apply exercise for all book worms and book lovers and for those who always aspire to develop the habit of reading books should give it a try and convert this desire into a habit. 

  • Type

To help you excel in writing the Hindi language faster, and better, Bharat keyboard has designed an AI-based Hindi typing keyboard. This keyboard facilitates the English to Hindi typing feature, and vice versa, hence enabling you to understand the English translation of the same message as well.

This feature of Manglish language translation offered by the Hindi typing keyboard is of great help for new Hindi learners. It also helps the existing Hindi speaking community to interact and communicate in the Hindi language way easier over the digital platform which was not possible before.

Sounds interesting right?

Download the Hindi typing keyboard today. 

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